Bel-Air Heights/Bel-Air Park

A neighbourhood in the west end of Ottawa, Bel-Air Heights is bounded on the east by Agincourt Road, on the south by Baseline Road, on the west by Navaho Drive and the Bel-Air Park neighbourhood and on the north by Braemar Park neighbourhood.

Most of the homes were built in 1959 and 1960. There are a few apartments on Baseline and Navaho that were built later on. The neighbourhood has three parks; Agincourt Park, Ainsley Park and Navaho Park.

Bel-Air Park is a neighborhood in the west end of Ottawa. It is bounded on the east by the NCC Bike path towards Navaho Drive in Bel-Air Heights and Braemar Park, on the south by Baseline Road, on the west byWoodroffe Avenue and on the north by the Queensway. The neighbourhood is a classy community.

All of the homes were built between 1955 to 1958. The neighbourhood is home to Bel-Air Park on Berwick Avenue. Iris Street is the main road in the neighborhood. Bel-Air Drive starts at Checkers Road and ends in Braemar Park on Garfield close to Maitland Drive.

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Photo credit: NRC

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