The Official Plan

The Official Plan is a working document that keeps an accounting of many aspects of the City’s Governance. It is a tool which allows ongoing reference to a kept record of plans and projections. It is devised by elected Counsellors, experts in various city planning fields and other Officials. The plan is a 15 year projection and it formally revisited every five.

The Official Plan is a useful document to be familiar when advising or supporting the Real Estate Sales Process.   Among other things, it allows us to be familiar with projected Plans of Subdivision, Overall Growth, Neighbourhoods pinpointed for change as well as Roads and Infrastructure Development and Rehabilitation. In short, it helps us understand both the maintenance of existing neighbourhoods and the creation of new ones. This of course effects desirability and value.

Ottawa Official Plan

Ask the OLH team more about the City of Ottawa Official Plan.

Ask the OLH Team

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