Vintage Clothing Boom in Ottawa

The growing demand for sustainable fashion is giving a boost to a colourful sector of the second-hand economy in Ottawa, led by a grassroots community of stylish vintage-clothing vendors with an eye for well-made pieces of clothing.

One of these thrifty fashionistas is Ingrid Daniel, 40, who started her business, RiNude, about nine years ago. The daughter of a seamstress, she saw the declining quality in the fabric and construction of new clothing and found that items made in previous decades were made to last.

“I grew up making clothes, so I was all into the well-made garments as opposed to the new stuff that’s not cut right or sewn properly,” said Daniel, who has a day job as a provincial public servant. “I love to find great quality things, and my sister thought I had an eye for it, so I went with it. Plus it’s fun.”

To read the full article by Lynn Saxberg, visit the Ottawa Sun Web site. Photo: Errol McGihon.

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