Ottawa Goes to Court After Talks with RTG Go Unresolved

The City of Ottawa and the Rideau Transit Group are going back to court, this time over service-stopping derailments.

The city announced Wednesday that it had filed an application in court asking for a judge to confirm a “notice of events of default” related to LRT derailments on Aug. 8 and Sept. 19.

There was a slim chance that the city and RTG could sort out the recent contract dispute without going to court, but even in October the city was warning council that it could require a judicial ruling.

The city issued the default notice to RTG on Sept. 24 and it revealed the city’s lack of confidence in the LRT contractor to manage the upkeep of the Confederation Line.

To read the rest of the article by Jon Willing, visit the Ottawa Citizen Web site. Photo: Tony Caldwell/Postmedia

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