This Is What $200,000 Can Buy You In Each Provincial Capital’s Housing Market

Prepare to be surprised!

While Ottawa is not included in this survey, The Ottawa Lives Here Team can report that if you are willing to commute, there are many single family homes available outside the city. Within Ottawa, there is good availability for condos under $200k in the suburban neighborhoods. Contact us for more details.

Helena Hanson Updated on September 11 @ 03:59 PM

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Have you ever thought about moving to a different part of Canada, because you thought you could get more for your money somewhere else? Well, when it comes to the property ladder – this could definitely be true! For instance, houses for less than $200K are available all across Canada but some are better than others. 

As house-prices vary considerably across the country, we’ve discovered the best capital cities to head towards if you’re looking to really capitalize on your investment in Canada.

The average house price in Canada is around $480,000, meaning our budget of $200,000 is definitely towards the lower end of the spectrum. That said, the kind of properties that you can get for $200K in some parts of the country might really surprise you!

To find the best properties, we used several country-wide real estate websites to see what we could get for our budget across Canada, and this is what we found …


This adorable little 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom home is located in Edmonton and is bang on the money at exactly $200,000. While the inside could definitely do with a bit of a refresh, a whole house to yourself in Alberta’s capital for $200K is not too bad at all!


Over in Victoria, British Columbia, $189,000 will get you a 1-bedroom, 1-bathroom apartment in a complex. While this isn’t as ideal as the property over in Edmonton, the complex does have it’s own car park, pool, and hot tub, so there is a taste of that bougie life available!

There actually wasn’t very much available at all in Victoria for a budget of around $200,000, so if your budget is around that mark- maybe Victoria isn’t the spot for you!


While this little property in Winnipeg, Manitoba, doesn’t look particularly exciting from the outside, it actually has a whopping 3-bedrooms and two-bathrooms. There is some incredible hard-wood flooring and the place looks pretty huge, with loads of open space!

At just $152,000, this is a real steal for the size of the property, and you can use that leftover budget to buy some bougie furniture to really jazz this place up!


If you’re looking for your dream home on a budget, Fredericton is the place to be! This area had so many stunning properties around the $200,000 mark, and they were all great sizes with undeniable charm!

This amazing little house is located on Sunset Drive, and has everything you could ever want in a dream house. It has two-bedrooms and one-bathroom, and has a beautiful big garden and amazing front porch. If you’re in Fredericton – buy this house for just $179,000!

St. John’s

Again, if you’re looking to move to a city in Canada where you can get plenty of bang for your buck – St. John’s could be the one! For just $200,000, this 5-bedroom, 2-bathroom property could be all yours! 

Better still, the house is freshly painted and has some incredible hardwood flooring. At five-bedrooms for $200K, you almost can’t go wrong!


If you’ve always dreamed of a private home on the water-side, then look no further! This amazing Nova Scotia bungalow has everything you could ever need in an idyllic hideaway. With two-bedrooms and 1-bathroom for just $152,000, you really can’t go too far wrong!

Halifax is a cheap spot for a first-time buyer in comparison with other Canadian cities, and some of the properties on offer over there are pretty incredible!


Sorry Toronto, but if you’re budget is only $200,000 it’s time to call a moving truck because you won’t be finding anything with that price tag in the city!

Sadly, it was impossible to find anything in Canada’s biggest city on a budget. Yikes!


It seems Prince Edward Island is a great place to shop around in if you’re looking for a lovely home on a budget. This move-in ready property has 3-bedrooms and 2-bathrooms, including an en-suite! It also has a big back deck and awesome storage barn – what more could you want for just $174,900 – they’re basically giving it away!

Quebec City

Sadly, there are not so many properties around Quebec City in the region of $200,000. While there are plenty under that and plenty way over, there is very little left in this middle-mark.For $200K exactly, you could get your hands on this pretty little 1-bedroom, 1-bathroom property.

That said, when there are 5-bedroom houses up for sale in other parts of the country, you might get more for your money elsewhere!


While this house looks pretty small from the outside, it actually has 4-bedrooms and 2-bathrooms within for $200K exactly! While it has a considerable amount of space, it probably needs a bit of work doing to make it the perfect home!

If you’re after a cheap house to get on the property ladder, Saskatchewan may not be the place to start, as there wasn’t too many properties in the area around the $200,000 mark!


If you’re considering relocating to the Yukon to purchase a bargain property – don’t move too fast! There are actually very few properties in the Whitehorse area around the $200,000 budget.

That said, this little 2-bedroom, 1-bathroom property has plenty of potential, and you will save a bit of money as it is just $164,999!


If you were hoping to embark on an amazing Nunavut property journey, I have bad news for you.

Sadly there were no search results in the Nunavut capital of Iqaluit, so trying to find your dream home might be a little too difficult!


Over in the Northwest Territories, dream homes can be pretty affordable! Coming in under-budget at just $189,500, this amazing Yellowknife property has 2-bedrooms and 1-bathroom, making it a pretty great space if you’re looking for a first-time property!