Blog Post 2: Beach and Business Adventures

Every morning whether on holidays or not, we start our whatsapp group meetings as soon as everyone has awaken. Currently feeling like a scene out of Pretty Little Liars as I hear each of our phones in our flat beep at the same time. Business before Coffee is our motto.


First and foremost, HAPPY BIRTHDAT COLIN! Today is our wonderful interior designer’s birthday! Excited to spend this day as a team!

Yesterday, after a quick stop at Joe’s Coffee we were on our way to observe the tide go out.

image1 (1)

Patrick, Lee, Tina and Kayla then biked to the Moors, where we took a very scenic walk to observe the beautiful sand dunes.

IMG_0266The day was filled with swimming, rock collecting and relaxation, IMG_0265

before we headed home for some meetings over a wonderful dinner.

Preparing dinner was definitely a group effort!


Relaxing and sharing a true team building experience!

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