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Sound and careful development of horses has been in the human interest for thousands of years. We have coexisted for many reasons deriving from both passion and necessity. In the origins of this relationship, horses athletically agreed to plow our fields, deliver milk, bread and mail. They carried us across the four corners of the earth and even road us bravely into war. For centuries, we have very carefully genetically predisposed them with select breeding in order that they desire to perform for us. As living creatures and a close functional part of our early social survival horses have evolved into a relationship with us as one of our closest inter-species companions.  They were both a technology and a necessity. The horse/ rider team relationship, the language and passion that can evolve is virtually inexplicable to the uninitiated. Almost anyone however with a little courage and a true heart can grow from the soul that can be found in the beauty of horses.

This business of breeding, posted here presents horses that are best suited for schools of English riding. Three of the primary English disciplines are also are competed and performed in Olympic Games: Eventing, Show Jumping and Dressage.

Developing horses is a long endeavor. Genetic selection over many generations creates animals which pass on traits and abilities that can be measured not just in terms of physicality but also in character. Another ethically important consideration is of course environment, which can be understood with regard to sound, safe and healthy surroundings, as well as knowledgeable, patient, caring and timely training.

Europeans have been working on the creation of equestrian equine excellence for a very long time. They also had the horses of origin to work with. Especially In the world of show jumping and dressage, Europeans are often thought of as being way ahead of us in the creation of their equine athletes. This may actually be true, or at least have been until recently and it only takes a short history lesson to understand why: Here is a simplified example and a scale of relativity. My personal and primary residence is in one of the older neighborhoods of the Capital of city of Canada, called the ByWard Market. It was built in about 1850. It is a very, very old residential area by Canadian standards but in Europe it would make up only a small fragment of their evolutionary timeline. Let’s ponder for a moment however that my “not so old” neighborhood by European standards still predates the Automobile and all forms of gas driven technology by almost 70 years. Recall the old adage that ‘All roads that lead to Rome,’ although much is uncertain, what we do know for sure is that, if at all possible, people were preferring not to being walking them.

I have trained, ridden and loved horses for over 42 years. Several years ago I was fortunate enough to happen upon a young Dutch two year old mare we called Roxy Long Island. She was amazing and remains so, in her career with her current owner, Quebec based rider Natasha Fry. Roxy’s pedigree is a phenomenal combination of  proven European athletes from Holland and Germany. My personal coach, originally from Estonia and Germany is the founder of the Canadian Warmblood Society. She has owned many Grand Prix animals including two time Canadian Olympian, Big Ben. She is 91 years old. She suggested I find and buy Roxy’s mother and enter into the business of creating top athletes and great horses right here in Canada. So, on a very small and select scale here are these wonderful horses currently both for sale and in training as well as a small write up about their character, predispositions and origins.



(Our Foundation Mare) Born in Holland. She is the grand dame, she knows it and she lives like one. From Wellington and Nimmerdor.

She has given us some of the most promising young horses and carries the genetic key to the animals we are continuing to produce. Below her father and grandfather.


Zinzinna 'Roxy Long Island'

(Dutch Warmblood) Roxy is a powerful, slightly long (In Holland confirmation is called for as “slightly rectangular” in shape) and very willing mare who with direction and assurances became a fearless and capable athlete who never says no to a challenge. Daughter of Rosina with Indoctro (Dutch) as father. Two proven high level competition lines merged beautifully.


Wellington/ Nimmerdor as above from the mother



Meet Patrick and Grayson:

(Yearling Colt) Grayson moves us forward from the original bloodline of Rosina by three generations. (Hisani is his mother which makes Rosi is his Great Grandmother). Under the recommendation of long time breeder and horse women extraordinaire, Eve Mainwaring, we opted to use the Stallion standing in Canada known as Leo out of Mister Blue. Grayson is living proof that this introduction of Cour de la Bruyere and the Salle Francais is beneficial.

If possible he will be left a stallion. He has a sweet and easy to manage disposition thus far. He is managed and handled daily and happily by his keepers. He comes in from the field on his own twice daily to eat and get associated with stall life. He is a beautiful type, refined but with lots of bone and substance. He will mature around 17 hh and will be steel gray with black mane and tail, star and thee white socks.



Please refer to Hisani Eve (for sale) for the bloodline links

Father: Mr Blue

Joli Cour


Meet Patrick and Joli:

(Yearling Filly) Joli is the last born daughter of Rosina, before returning her to British Columbia and back into the care of Alison Hagen, who originally imported her from Holland. Joli is the half sister to Roxy, Bella and Gary on the mare line and the half brother to Grayson on the Stallion side.

She has a sweet and determined character. Seeks attention and is currently just learning to come into hand and work with people on the ground. Joli is very (and I mean VERY) powerful and large youngster. She has tremendous gaits. She was a 4 week premi and likely her mother delivered her early for good reason. Her colour is quite unique to the warmblood world, she is a very flashy Red Roan with a white star and socks. It is hard to say what she is predisposed to as an athlete, the one thing she will do for sure – is get attention from the crowd.



Century Ranch article


EuroDressage article

Father line: Mr Blue

Horses For Sale

Hisani Eve


Meet Patrick and Hisani:

Hisani is the daughter of Roxy, she is currently six years old. She has already foled one very impressive colt (Grayson seen below). Hisani was bred (as above on the mare side see links to Roxy) and paired purposely to the father line of Capital 1. We linked this pairing through the genetics of Corado I, Capital’s son. Corado’s son, Chablis who was imported to Canada at the time and standing here with accessible fresh semen is Hisani’s father. The goal and purpose in this was to possible shorten and lighten the frame. This mare’s mother is a super athlete, however enormous amounts of hours were put into purposeful training in order to teach here to come under from behind at higher speeds and around corners.

This mare is very scopey and light in hand. She is fast on her feet. Currently we are working primarily on creating an agreeable attitude. She is VERY opinionated, sensitive and reacts to very subtle aids. She is not for amateurs at this point. The pay offs for patience and good training (like her mother) are expected to be big.



Mother from:


Stallion Guide article


Century Ranch article


Father from:


Corrado 1 (Back to Capital 1)

Gary Smith


Meet Patrick and Gary:

Gary was gelded as a two year old due to a spirited disposition. He was born and remained in perfect balance and proportion in terms of physicality so we started him as a three year old. He is a half brother to Roxy on the mother’s side (Rosina is mother above). His sire is Canadian Born Bandaras who is out of Balou du Routet Link and the Famous Brazillian Olympic Horse ridden by Pessoa, Babalout du Rouet.

Gary is a bit of a clown and loves people and attention. He is currently learning to get to business under saddle. He has all the basics – Walks, trots, canters and jumps small lines. Currently we are taking him to the next level and slow gates and working on flexion and compression/ expansion within gates. What can we say, he is a bit of a golden boy and he knows it.




Dreamscape Farm article

Balou de Rouet

Paul Schockemöehle article

Watch Great, Great Grandfather Olympian at the World Cup



Meet Patrick and Bella:

Bella is a two year old. She is daughter to Rosina (above). Which means Wellington/ Nimmerdor are close relatives. We went right to the Corado 1 line male line once again as above through Dutch born Chablis.

She a very fancy looker and free flow mover. Strong character and personable, she is alpha in the mare field. She has more of the “squareness” in conformation of her Olgenburg ancestors, but is very light on her feet. Suitable for all disciplines and possibly a dressage prospect. She will mature at about 61.1 hh.




Century Ranch article



Corrado 1 (Back to Capital 1)

Dimitri K


Meet Patrick and Dimitri K:

Dimitri is our resident gentle giant and there is no doubt that a sweeter, kinder more human loving horse cannot be found. He also has a strange affinity for and can be trusted fully with children. He is from Ashland Farms in Ontario, born of Utopia who is out of Popeye K/ Voltaire. His father was early deceased in an accident after being purchased for an American breeding program and was from the famous stallion Fleming.

17.2 hands of power and he is fully balanced. Easily ridable and is effortlessly jumping between 3.6 and 4 ft. He has all the basics. Moves into the reign and from the leg through and too in all directions. Currently improving compression within the gate (he will need this in the higher levels especially because of his size). Never quits a jump. Be they Planes, Trains or Automobiles – nothing scares him. He loves cross country rides and is fearless but sensible. The perfect all purpose horse. A full scale athlete and a life long friend.



Mother line

Wikipedia article


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