Gen Z Primed to Enter Housing Market

For Muniba Ahmed, the decision to move home with her parents during the first waves of the COVID-19 pandemic helped her build her savings and become a homeowner – a dream that’s alive and well among fellow Gen Zers, according to a recent survey.

“Having an apartment in my twenties was one of my goals,” says Ahmed, 28, a marketing and technology consultant in Vancouver, B.C. She had a “very specific” wish list and price range when she ventured into the real estate market last year.

“I feel really positive about the purchase, but it was scary in the beginning. I’m treating my apartment as a long-term investment so it’s equivalent to investing in stocks,” says Ahmed. She purchased her 500-square-foot unit without help from the bank of mom and dad and believes she’s inspired some of her friends to consider homeownership. “I think I’ve helped make it more achievable in their eyes.”

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