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Savouring a night at the movies

For the cinemaphile, there are over 1o chain and repertoire theatres in the Ottawa region to suit every taste, from comedy, drama, action or art-house. Mainstream movies are covered by the Cineplex and Landmark theatre chains, with the Landmark Ottawa 7 in downtown offering movies a little more highbrow. Rainbow Cinemas in the St. Laurent Shopping Centre offers a second chance to see a big film if you’ve missed the first run and want a very affordable night out.

The two repertoire theatres in town are the Bytowne and Mayfair, with the former showing more art-house and foreign films, generally, while the latter specializes in cult and the avant-garde. The IMAX theatre in the Museum of Civilization focuses primarily on educational, historical or nature documentaries. Finally, for the latest movie times and schedules, check out CinemaClock’s Ottawa page for the best and most current information and reviews.

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