La Machine organizers adjust finale to cope with massive crowds

Jean-Marc Leger July 31, 2017 0
La Machine organizers adjust finale to cope with massive crowds

Organizers have made last-minute adjustments to accommodate the massive crowds expected for Sunday night’s finale of La Machine.
Saturday night’s La Machine performance and “static scene” in front of the Supreme Court of Canada drew larger-than-expected crowds which prompted organizers to make changes for the finale at the Canadian War Museum.

“We slightly modified the site design to make sure paramedics and police can intervene anywhere inside the crowd. We created more of a corridor in the middle,” said Guy Laflamme. On Saturday, after Friday’s huge turnouver at City Hall, Laflamme secured a second giant screen for the show at the Supreme Court.

“Originally we were not planning for giant screens at LeBreton Flats (on Sunday), but now with the crowds we secured two screens,” Laflamme said.

Laflamme said crowds attending La Machine have so far surpassed those of the Canada Day sesquicentennial celebration.

Laflamme said LeBreton Flats, site of the war museum, is much better suited for Sunday’s event as the space was designed for events. The Supreme Court site was not ideal for the Saturday evening’s performance, he said Laflamme, and from an event planning perspective it was challenging.

Laflamme was encouraging spectators to take public transit or walk to Sunday’s event and to avoid taking large strollers and pets. Those with bikes can park them outside of the event area but are asked not to bring them on the event grounds for safety precautions.

LaMachine organizers weren’t alone in making adjustments to cope with the crowds. Many downtown pubs and restaurants were swamped.

Jeffrey Frost, owner of the Wellington Diner, asked on his Facebook page: “I’m curious to know if LaMachiner has been good for anybody’s local business?”

Among the replies:

“Three restaurants in the Market ran out of food yesterday!” said Jonquil Garrick, who worked at the NAC all weekend. “The Market is booming with business.”

“We did over 800 covers between fri/sat,” said Michael /Bvan Korn, zinc saucier at Whalesbone on Elgin.

Jeff O’Reilly, general manager at D’Arcy McGee’s on Sparks Street: “The pub has been insane – totally under-estimated the sheer magnitude of what this weekend was #blownawaybyit. Can we have more cool things like this please?”

Joe Juarez, food and menu development chef at El Camino, added: “We had record numbers at Camino.”

Others reported 45-minute waits at bars and restaurants, some of which were serving modified menus such as brunch only, and jammed patios.


Original article written by Olivia Blackmore can be found here.

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