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The National Gallery of Canada

As the National Capital, Ottawa is packed with commercial and public galleries and artist-run centres, especially in the core of the city. Any visitor or resident of Ottawa should go to the National Gallery of Canada, impressive for its permanent collection as well as for it’s special exhibitions. Other public art galleries that are well worth a visit include the Ottawa Art Gallery, the City Hall Art Gallery, as well as more alternative contemporary galleries like Gallery 101 and SAW Gallery.

If you are an art collector, then there are lots of great commercial galleries to visit, from traditional to contemporary, and even to edgy and controversial. We recommend checking out many of the small boutique galleries along Sussex Street, as well as La Petite Mort Gallery and Falldown Gallery, to name but a few. Check out our suggested links and use our handy map to find galleries close by.

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Public Galleries

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Commercial Galleries

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